The Volatility 

How many times have you come across a situation in which your analysis was spot on but your stoploss robbed you off the gains?

How often did you entered the correct side of the trend but entered too early or too late?

How often you wondered that you knew in advance when to take a trade and when not to trade?

How frequently you lose money in options and dreamt of a way to find out when to move from strangle to straddles and vice versa?

How many times you tried to trade based on volatility and failed dearly?


If you ever found yourself on the wrong side of the trade because of problems such as these, then you do not need to look any further.

We presents a webinar that will cover all these topics and explain why these things happen and will teach you the tricks through which you can avoid these traps. In the end you can come out as a winner and improve your trading by many folds.

We will use volatility-based strategies to overcome all the obstacles; the strategies will be easy to learn and straight forward to follow.


  • The concepts will be taught via Zoom.

  • AFL of the code will be provided.

  • The concepts can be practiced on any free or paid software.

  • Prerequisite know how is not required.

  • Understanding of technical analysis will be helpful but not necessary.

  • Queries will be addressed via Q n A session after the event.

  • An On Demand review session will be provided free of cost for all participants. 


08:00 PM / OCT 07, 2021


We launched the "Volatility" Webinar - do read the FAQ's before you register.


11:00 AM / OCT 30, 2021

We Kick Start the Volatility Webinar of With Mentors of #TheOptionGod2020 Gunjan Dua & Rajat Dutta.


Fee - 34,999 - Inclusive Of GST