Static Options

The Multiplier proudly presents its state-of-the-art trading program by the name of STATIC OPTIONS. If you are a wannabe trader or a professional trader, you might be wondering how Options can be static; Options can be a volatile beast, which face cycles of expansion and contraction, which constantly decay, but which are never ‘static’.

A very close circle of traders know that Options are static, and the role of Delta, Theta, Gamma and Vega can be negated. In this program you will know how to do this.

  • STATIC OPTIONS will be a 2-night residential program, which will be hosted in or near Jaipur

  • The price includes 2 nights stay at a 5 Star Property.

  • The price includes all meals during the time of stay.

  • The price is INCLUSIVE of GST.

  • The price doesn’t include any other expenses not mentioned above.

Your mentors Rajat Dutta and Gunjan Dua 


Every participant must sign an NDA, which states that you cannot discuss or share the content of the program wit anyone.

Artemis Alliance

The Participants of the program can become part of the ARTEMIS ALLIANCE, which is a secret group. Details of which will be shared during the event.

ARTEMIS ALLIACNE membership is limited to 1 year from the start of the event. After that you can chose to renew is you get invited to the renewal.



Alila Fort, Bishangarh, Rajisthan - A Hyatt Property 

We shall Communicate the Fixture / Dates for the Event.
So far Dates are in Mid jan 2022 

Hyatt Hotel,Jaipur,Rajisthan, INDIA

10:00 AM / Mid jan, 2022


We Kick start the #StaticOptions Mentorship Program @ Jaipur - Hote Hyatt. A Two days Residential Event.

Jaipur, Rajisthan, INDIA

10:00 AM / 26 Jan,2022

We shall Conduct a Review session for all the participants of #StaticOptions Participants. 

Noida, INDIA

9:00 AM / July 22, 2021

Rajat Dutta will Take yet another Live Session with 32 Mentees #LiveTrades #Mentorship

Larisa Resort, MANALI, INDIA

11:00 AM / AUG 19, 2021

We shall be kick-starting the Phase 5 of The Option God 2021, Rajat Dutta Shall be Overhauling Mentee's Mindset #MindSetApproach


Fee - 2 Lacs - Exclusive Of GST